Approximate appearance of the airship.

Abbraccio Di Notti, also known as Airavarri's Airship is an Italian-styled Galleon. The general size of the ship is described as "Big enough for the family, a cargo hold, galley, and 2 landing platforms for the 2 flying lifeboats that are still being constructed."

Information about The Abbraccio Di Notti Edit

  • It is a magically flying ship, powered by a secret source known only to the Elders of House Nosetti. The power room is off-limits to everyone else. 
  • There is no actual crew for the ship, just family due to their nomadic nature. On occasion, summoned creatures can be seen, helping to maintain the condition of the ship.
  • The ship flies anywhere it has clearance to, mostly between the Tower in Sharangil (Airavarri's Harem) and to Creathorne.
  • Anyone in House Nosetti, minus initiates, are welcome to live aboard the Airship.
  • Bohis pilots the airship most often, being the times where Airavarri isn't drunk. Since it's assumed that Airavarri is never completely sober, Bohis is viewed as the full-time pilot.
  • The name roughly translates to "Night's Embrace".
  • The ship was given to Airavarri by Admiral Zarathos Miscrient when he was petitioning to Idaris.

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