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Tall, slender and muscular, Airavarri Nosetti keeps his hair close cropped or shaved. He's the head of the House Nosetti, ranging somewhere in age from a few thousand, or more, years old.
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History Edit

Airavarri Nosetti comes from a long line of diplomats who all served the same King. Ordered, on a diplomatic mission by King Ho-teershi, to seek out a distant Prince by the name of Kasharni, Airavarri left immediately. This mission wasn't out of the ordinary for the King's diplomats: often these followed simple ends. Agree with the King, or die by the diplomat's hands.

While flying over the Enchanted Forest that surrounds the personal lands of House Nosetti, Airavarri felt faint, falling from the sky. When he awoke, unfamiliar lands surrounded him, that he grew to learn were the Lands of The Realms. He shortly discovered that he could no longer do everything he could in his homelands; his gift of flight was nearly gone, as was his ability to shift into shadows. Airavarri was lucky enough to have some of his personal gear on him when he fell, including several types of weapons.

Unsure if he should adventure out to seek others, he noticed, off in the distance, a gnome and a feline demon of sorts. Briefly stalking them, and watching as they pulled their caravan along the rocky mountain pass. Notching an arrow, he took aim at the young gnome. Before he could fire, the gnome spoke, bluntly requesting friendship. Taken aback, Airavarri lowered his aim, taking the arrow tip off the gnome's chest, shaking the gnome's hand. Growing to find their names to be Bohis and Salem, Airavarri had taken a great liking to them both. He and Bohis have been nigh inseparable, causing questions to arise about how close they are. He shortly learned that Salem was the priest to a great goddess, Airavarri and the cat demon were often spotted discussing magic and the arcane arts around the campfire.

As Airavarri traveled alongside the Night Panthers Caravan, he awaited word from his king, though no word ever came. Soon after this, Airavarri looked for someone else to serve. He quickly found friends within the nation of Idaris, a nation friendly to other types of creatures. Being a mix of Elf and Fae, Airavarri found their walls comforting and quickly bowed to their leader, Sir Dark. While a member of their nation, Airavarri made friends with a less-than-lively pirate named Zarathos. They shared many adventures, and before Airavarri knew it, he was awarded and airship. While most things appeared well in the lands of Idaris, something changed within its leader. Fearing the change that was taking place, Airavarri respectfully handed in his tabard after the nation appointed a new leader.

Airavarri returned to his old friends withing the Night Panthers Caravan, traveling with them for many moons. Eventually, he desired to create his own Caravan, the only issue being he was not a member of the first Tinker family, within which the Night Panthers Caravan was. After much discussion, the leader of the Stalking Tigers, the first caravan, approached Airavarri, and made him a member of his family, giving him permission to create his own Caravan.

At this time, in the Lands of Creathorne, who always provided shelter and welcome stay for the Tinkers, did Airavarri begin to quest with a young knight by the name of Sir Celtrix, a member of Creathorne. Airavarri respected this knight very much, noticing how well he weaved both sword and spell. Before long, he was approached by Sir Celtrix, who asked Airavarri to be his squire, hoping that one day, Airavarri himself would also be knighted to the Knights of Dragonsire. At the same time, Airavarri was busy creating his own Caravan. He wanted a Caravan that was diplomatic in nature, giving birth to the Silver Tongued Clan, which he later renamed to House of the Nosetti, encouraging its members to stay within the nations they belong.


Being of noble birth, Airavarri always had a taste for fine things, especially clothing. While at a Tournaments of Creathorne, he was introduced to a Prince Nigel. The prince was dressed in some of the finest clothing Airavarri had ever seen; beautiful silks and trims. Prince Nigel, in addition to a few other orders, was the leader of the Order of the Peacock. The Order of the Peacock was exclusively for members of society who dress well, and help others to do the same. As a social knighthood, Airavarri greatly respected it, and requested he be a squire under one of his knights. Shortly, Airavarri was squired to Lady Tarnisha, a fine seamstress.

Quickly, Airavarri was picked up by both the Dancers Guild and the Wenches Guild. Being a performer by nature, he could often be sighted serving a drink in the tavern before dancing off into the night. Eventually he found scattered parts of his family throughout the lands of The Realms.

Other Information Edit

Airavarri has land in Sharangil which he flies to often via his air-ship. Airavarri has lost his wings and fae like nature due to the large Fae-Stones which surround Creathorne grounds. While Airavarri himself is not 100% fae, he inherited the wings of a distant bloodline. Creathorne has had issues with Fae in the past and Airavarri understands the reasoning for them being there. Airavarri has one tower in Sharangil which he has made his second home and is officially his Harem, he maintains a tower on Creathorne grounds as well.

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