Ryu's Hunt

Ryu has long purple hair, eyes white from the ritual that had taken place to be accepted into House of Nosetti. He is of average build, with a slight muscle tone to him. He generally wears better clothing, but having left home and burning down the house to leave no memory behind except his own and his sword, he has very little.  A scar crosses over his right eye, and again with another scar just under it that he bears from the fight from his father just before he left home. Ryu feels a change happening as he nears his adulthood.

History Edit

As a child, Ryu grew up in islands west of Teng Hua, raised by his father, Shinoku, and never knowing anything of his mother. As he grew up, he asked many of questions as to who his mother was? What was she like? Did she have pointed ears like him? Was she an "Elf" as his dad labeled him? As any father would, he explained to him on what had happened; his mother left them when he was born.  At the time that Ryu started learning the ways of life, how life is created, and how important the land is to his well being, his father revealed to him that there was a possibility of him having other brothers. Throughout his adolescent years, his father became corrupt and tried to convert Ryu to his corrupt ways; killing innocent people, worshiping one of the dark Gods and even dark magic for immortal life. This went on for many years, Ryu always just dealing with the tyrant and forgetting about his evil acts.

When Ryu was born, his father crafted a sword for him; a Katana with a black blade and red hilt. When Ryu hit adulthood, his father attacked him because Ryu refused to become corrupted and Shinoku was fed up with his "Disrespect". Defending himself, Ryu ran into the house to find the sword his father crafted and fought his father. After long, intense hours from clanging of swords, grapples and constant physical beating, his father threw him onto his back and yet again attacked him. Bracing the attack centimeters from his face, the blade touched his right eye searing the skin. Ryu through off his father and stood up waiting for another lashing. Parrying his sons attacks, Shinoku made a second mark on the right side of Ryu's face, right below the eye. As a burning sensation came to Ryu's face, he fought off Shinoku in blind rage. Again, they continued to fight, neither of them finding a flaw in each other's form. After a lucky shot and catching his father off guard, Ryu limbed his fathe's arms, causing to fall to the floor yelling. There was no reason to keep him alive. Ryu knew that this would be the moment to make his decision. Ryu asked Shinoku for one reason to let him live and there was silence. Ryu kicked his father to the floor and ran into the other room. He packed his belongings, burnt down the house, and left to see if the rumors to be true about his brothers. He traveled down the road and came to the cross in the forest, just as the road met the trees. He traveled inside, following it for days, knowing nothing of where he was going or what he was doing. All Ryu knew was there was something inside of him urging him on. It had been a week since he entered wooded hills; how much longer was this going to take? Just before a clearing he notice a shrine and a temple. He was welcomed by the monks and taught Ryu of their ways in worshiping Nature. After residing there for 15 years, Ryu decided it was time to leave, now being a Shaman of Nature.

Taking a boat ride off the shore, he departed the island onto the land of the Realms. Since the conflict at his house, Ryu has been looking for his long lost brothers, the forever missing mother and wondering what he is meant to do with his life.

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