Tall and slender with short red hair dyed black, Phoenix Rose is the eldest of two children and the heir of the House Dawncry. She is currently approximately 450 years old, having been gone from the Sheshawnii Lands for over 250 years.



At the age of two hundred, Phoenix Rose wandered throughout the Sheshawnii Lands, starting her Journeyman level training for the scribe work of her House. A mere few days into her exploration, she discovered a strange glow in one of the forests. Camping down for the night, Phoenix Rose dozed off, hoping to better examine it in the morning. Afew short hours later, she awoke to find a trio of strangely dressed men carrying her, tied and gagged in the back of a cart, in Lands she didn't recognize. Once they noticed her moving, struggling to get up and free, one of the men bashed at the back of her head with his sword hilt, causing her to lose consciousness.
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She struggled to open her eyes, head sore with the force of the blow. She had been chained, arms and legs, to a cold stone floor in a dark room. Surprised to realize that even her wings were bound, Phoenix Rose looked about to find a man sanding over her, looking triumphant about her capture. Over the period of roughly a hundred years, possibly longer, Phoenix learned that she was held captive by a nobleman of these lands who "collected exotic pets", which enraged her. His grandson, when his turn came at the head of the household, gave Phoenix Rose a choice. Either she could remain a captive, and be treated as a monster, or work for him as a servant. Angry, she spat at him, telling the man that her noble blood would never allow her to be a plaything for scum like himself. Enraged, the man ordered his servants to whip her with cold-iron tipped leather, leaving painful, burning scars crisscrossing up her arms, legs, and across her back and torso. Still unable to break her of her stubborn nature, her then ordered her wings cut off with a cold-iron knives, to burn and seal her skin in scars. The man's wife, of the jealous sort, demanded Phoenix Rose's hair to be nearly shaved off with the same blades that wounded her wings.

Late one night, long after the scars had become less painful, enough to move, she discovered a servant had taken pity on her predicament, and set her free. Being handed a pair of shabby pants and a similarly shabby shirt, the servant led her to the outside, letting her free. The only advice he gave her was that she should follow the road northbound, and keep an eye out of a glowing field. He told her that people had been known to disappear near there. Thanking him, and giving him her blessings for as much happiness as he could gather, Phoenix Rose stole out into the night. She did, in fact, find the glowing field, to discover it a portal like the one she had camped next to all those years ago. Carefully stepping through, she discovered herself a short distance away from a man with a scarred eye and a coat with flames on it. Introducing himself as Thanius, he took her to his flying ship, a strange transport he named "The Monarch". He explained to her that she was not the first he had met with her tattoos, and shortly revealed that he knew her cousins, Airavarri and Lillianna. Not much later, they had stopped by a tavern on their way to met back with her family, when she met Kerra, a half-elf with a thirst for knowledge like herself, but was rather reserved. They made fast friends, which lead to the eventually convincing of Thanius, who was a good deal of pints into his ale, to allow Kerra passage aboard his ship. Phoenix Rose finally reunited with her cousins at a series of Tournaments, held on the Lands of Creathorne. He was shocked to discover her wings missing, and after a good deal of conjoling, he managed to get her story out, and was enraged by the thought that a mere human had presumed to scar and enslave a member of his family.

Within the following year, Phoenix Rose came across a wounded, and close to dying, human male. Unable to allow anyone to be hurt as bad as he was, she carried him back to camp, and nursed him back to health. After some initial confusion, the male only remembered two things: His name, Zetnik, and his weapon. In return for saving his life, Zetnik eventually pledged himself to being Phoenix's personal guard, determined to keep her safe. For a short while she accepted his position, recently choosing instead to let him go and allow her famil to be her general guard instead.


Phoenix Rose was, this past year, elevated to Master status scribe and historian, placing her as the official Historian and Scribe for House Nosetti. Airavarri himself chose to name her as such. Phoenix Rose also has a decent memory, even while inebriated. She is, though, also extremely lightweight as such, and will only generally drink very lightly when presented with the choice. However, in exchange for a good memory, she doesn't always register actions completely in her mind, causing her to miss a good deal of sublty directed at her. This happens most often when she's jotting down actions in her journal, though it's normally written off as her young age.

Blood RelationsEdit


Second Cousins

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