As a general rule, Sheshawnii are free to follow whatever religion they choose, so long as the religion also honors the elements and a form of balance: two of the most important beliefs of the Sheshawnii as a whole. There are no gods or goddesses in the Sheshawnii Lands; however, King Ho-teershi is considered to be the closest thing to a deity, being as old as the Lands themselves. It is said that after a while, he grew lonely, and created the Queen, Laksheerti; eventually giving birth to their son, Prince Kasharni, the Higher Nobles and the Lesser Nobles.

There are only a small handful of holidays celebrated, as a culture. These holidays include:

  • The Solstices and Equinoxes
  • The harvest time itself
  • The King's Feast, which is considered the largest, most important holiday.

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