Romance, love, and lust are odd things to the Sheshawnii, but despite their views being different from that of a human's, it still occurs.

Weddings, marriage and bindings all do happen, and they are always held appropriate to where it takes place. For both parties, especially that of those Sheshawnii who end up outside the Lands, a general, mutual declaration of marriage in both homelands is announced, and both parties must be of age of their respective races.

In this same note, children, within the Sheshawnii, are born only through blessings of the King & Queen: a part of each parent taken and placed in special soil to grow. This soil is speculated to be taken from each of the elemental realms fo the Lands, to help maintain balance and cement the child's bond to nature. The only way a Sheshawnii can be divorced is by having a battle, in which the loser is killed and scalped, to remove their energy from the relationship.

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